Energy Analytics

Increasing operational excellence, environmental regulatory and sustainability requirements make energy use and emission management a must have for companies. However, large volumes of data from utility bills, energy management systems and data historians make aggregation and in-depth analytics complex and near-impossible.


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Energy Analytics

Leveraging extensive operational and optimization expertise, Vertaeon energy analytics solution identifies: Purchase and consumption patterns; Baselines; Price and Intensity fluctuations, Anomalies and Scope 1 & 2 emissions. We offer:

  • An extensive footprint analysis of energy usage across sites and business units
  • Assessment per site, process area, or equipment level and segmentation
  • Machine Learning by predicting energy use over time to identify deviations and efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Benchmarking capabilities and prioritization to plan investments and KPIs

We leverage Input (Purchase/Generation) data and Use/Consumption data for electricity and other utilities including renewables. Our goals are:

    • Energy management

    • Energy efficiency, minimize losses

    • GHG emission reduction and

    • Cost savings identification

We can help you with

Our targeted recommendations on operational excellence, sustainability and risk mitigation are translated into easy-to understand dashboards and actionable insights developed for multiple audiences within the plant/mill. An optimized data analytics strategy can bring disparate data sources together to extract actionable insights to improve operational efficiency and increase sustainable competitive advantage.

Corporate, sustainability, energy and finance managers will equally benefit from our solution:

    • Leverages existing infrastructure for measurement

    • Modular and customizable – to your process

    • Scalable – start with one or two sites or utilities

    • Easily shared among plant engineers and area managers via user-friendly platform

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