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How can you gain key insights on the EV and Energy Transition markets from the Vertaeon SaaS Platform?
What cost and impact lessons can we learn from our extensive ESG Risk data?
Vertaeon takes new strides in AI & ML with predictive modeling, text analytics and optimization
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Digital Transformation of Risk, ESG and Market Analytics

Vertaeon offers an innovative SaaS platform for comprehensive analytics of Risks, ESG, and Strategy, extracting millions of data points from multiple sources and applying AI (artificial intelligence) and human intelligence.

This enables us to develop actionable insights for risk assessment, sustainable procurement and market dynamics at entity, sector and country levels globally.

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Our Focus

Operational & Financial Health

Value Chain Strategy

Optimal Usage of Water, Energy, and Materials

Emerging Scenarios

Get Comprehensive Insights for Viable Strategies

Our cloud platform lets you:

Avoid data silos within the company

Combine multiple risk categories and their updates

Increase transparency within the company and its supply chain

Leverage insights for risk mitigation and growth

Minimize unexpected shocks, build resilience, and strategize growth for your enterprise and your supply chain!
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About Our Differentiation

Combining and Elevating Data

We aggregate data from 10 major risk and ESG categories and 100+ indicators to ensure a comprehensive analysis that yields helpful insights.

Intelligent Application of Machine Learning and AI

Our tool uses AI and machine learning (ML) to model and apply various types of risks, from financial to energy to geopolitical.

A Global Approach to Risk Analysis

We track and analyze key factors globally to assess unprecedented ripple effects of country, geopolitical, and location-based risks.

Pulse Tracking for Timely Insights

We gather and synthesize extensive coverage of world events as they unfold, allowing us to give our analysis a meaningful context.

Industry-Leading Risk Indicators

We leverage our expertise to go beyond simple alerts, accessing thousands of direct and indirect other sources.

Recommendation and support for actionable deployment

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Indicators Assessed


While sector-agnostic, we have developed extensive content and expertise in the industrial, automotive, energy transition and electric vehicles (EV), HVAC, and semiconductor sectors. Vertaeon can support fast implementation and ongoing insights throughout the year.


Significant shifts in supply chains, geopolitical factors, cost of capital, and demand are some of the major challenges facing this sector. Dynamic insights and granular details help your company minimize supply disruptions, stay ahead of the competition, and assess market trends for innovation.


This sector has seen major impacts in the last two years, whether via semiconductor supply crunch, union strikes, lower demand, or trade controls. These lead to shifting investment plans and supply chains. We draw upon our experience working with major automotive suppliers to deliver customized risk and strategy analytics solutions within the rapidly changing automotive and EV value chains.


The semiconductor industry is vital to many different industries. Therefore, its risks have ripple effects throughout the supply chain, shifting market demands, and an evolving regulatory environment. We have continuously expanded our information base and advanced analytics for this vital market. Our vision is to support building resilience in the Semiconductor market.

Energy Transition

The electric vehicle and clean hydrogen markets are still emerging, with high fluctuations in value, technologies, and growth in its various regions and companies. This has a direct impact on all the value chain participants. Our scalable SaaS platform enables ongoing monitoring and synthesis of many company, sector, and country indicators.

Solution & Deployment

Reliable Access Around the World

Stay on track with 24×7 access for global users — with continued support from the Vertaeon team.

A Modular and Scalable Approach

Start with some of the modules and critical suppliers, then expand enterprise-wide efficiently. Our solution takes only weeks to implement compared to months and millions of dollars!

Comprehensive Risk Categories

Get ahead of market changes and track risks in a timely manner. It’s often difficult to holistically identify risks from all different areas and make decisions. When these are compiled once a year or by a major consulting firm, you may not see volatility. A large number of company or supplier sites makes it even more complex. We have successfully addressed these enormous challenges.

Risk Categories We Track: Financial, Operational, Legal, Geopolitical, Commodities, Environmental, Social, Governance, Climate/Disaster, Sector

Strategic Risk Assessment

Work with the Vertaeon team to identify the segments, entities, and risks that are most critical to your organization. Our SaaS platform provides actionable insights to address both existing and emerging risks. We empower you to take a strategic approach to developing a scope and building a resilience plan. Plus, gain an understanding of ESG risk and sustainable procurement, potential growth that tolerates market volatility, and more.

Intelligent use of Machine Learning (ML) and AI Models

Our team conducts extensive analytics on quantitative and text data from logistic regressions to neural networks to sentiment analysis to large language models. We take it one step further to assess conclusions with our team expertise.

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Certifications and Memberships

Vertaeon participates in various non-profit and industry organizations for learning and thought leadership in risk, ES, and strategy areas. We also organize speaker panels of experts from corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations to accelerate the adoption of innovation and market growth. Vertaeon is a WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise).

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