Vertaeon launches new sub-tier mapping tool for enhanced due diligence and compliance support

Vertaeon launches industry impact assessment for Russia-Ukraine conflict

Tackling uncertainty in global value chains

Significant complexities exist in comprehensively understanding an organization’s supply chain and business risks. Rapidly changing risk drivers and inherent challenges in integrating this information, add to these complexities.

Vertaeon’s SaaS offerings enable your organization to replace subjective risk and market assessments with cloud-based, rigorous, analytics solutions. We enhance these software tools with insights, leveraging our backgrounds in operations, enterprise risk and corporate strategy.


Digital Transformation via

Risk and Market Analytics

Vertaeon offers an innovative SaaS platform for comprehensive analytics of Risks, ESG, and Strategy, extracting millions of data points from multiple sources and applying AI (artificial intelligence). The identified risk patterns are consolidated by our “patent pending” risk model.

This enables us to develop actionable insights for risk assessment, sustainable procurement and market dynamics at entity, sector and country levels globally.

Avoid data silos, increase risk transparency and leverage insights on our cloud platform. Minimize unexpected shocks, build resilience, and strategize growth for your enterprise and your supply chain!

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Our Differentiation


Tactical & Strategic

From events impacting day-to-day operations to strategic impacts on the enterprise – an analytics solution catering to decision-making at all levels



No need to contact multiple vendors for each risk category; no full-time managers or analysts to deploy internally, no need for expensive risk advisory engagements


intuitive and actionable

Complex information made intuitive and actionable – via Advanced Analytics, modeling and effective user interface


Dynamic & Comprehensive

Near-real time Assessment, Ongoing assimilation of new data sources and information

Solution & Deployment

Product Demo

Product Demo

Contact us for a custom demo to see how risk and sustainability information on multiple companies, sectors and regions can come together for decision making!

Exploratory Project

Exploratory Project

Initiate and advance your assessment to multiple risk or sustainability areas including operational, financial, geopolitical, and ESG

Full deployment

Full deployment

Expand the exploratory project to global, enterprise scale. Leverage assessments, mapping and tracking in a few weeks!

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