Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence


Welcome to Vertaeon!  Our analytics tools are applicable to multiple sectors and categories.  Our current projects are in the industrial, automotive and financial services sectors.  See more information below.



In a competitive and ever changing environment, staying ahead of your competition with new product innovation and operation excellence may help you gain market shares and optimize your margins.

Automotive mechanical assembly, engine, transmission, suspension and breaking system. Automotive engine assembly line is in production. Car Assembly by parts


We are leveraging team expertise from working with major automotive suppliers to deliver customized and highly implementable risk and strategy analytics solutions within the rapidly changing automotive and EV value chains.

Business finance and investment concept. Double exposure of businessman working on laptop computer and the city with financial graph for business and technology background

Financial Services

The Financial sector is in constant search for early signals converging from multiple sectors toward their own risks and for their portfolio. We are leveraging team expertise in market and company due diligence to cater to this need.


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