Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

Energy Transition

We are assimilating thousands of data points for assessing rapid market changes, company movements, risk evolution and technology shifts in the evolving electric vehicles (EV), batteries and clean Hydrogen spaces.

Decarbonization Technologies Concept – 3D Illustration

What are the challenges?

The Electric Vehicles (EV) market is seeing a rapid growth plan from 2.5 million vehicles in 2023 to 44 million by 2030. Hydrogen, while in low single digits now, is expected to reach 25% of global energy by 2050 according to the Hydrogen Council. 

What are the factors important to achieve these goals?

  • Developing robust and reliable supply chains
  • Ramping production and achieving economies of scale
  • Enhancing consumer perception for higher adoption
  • Selecting winning technologies

Equally important is to keep ESG risks such as safety (of used batteries), child and forced labor (for critical materials) and environmental impact in mind. We anticipate value chain evolution with new players coming into the market and the existing market consolidating. We will also see company failures in the next decade. EV and Hydrogen technologies and companies, similar to semiconductors, may also experience trade controls and impact of geopolitical winds.

How can Vertaeon solution address them?

Vertaeon has developed extensive content for risk intelligence, value chain mapping and market intelligence for: 

  • Electric vehicles
  • Batteries
  • EV charging
  • Battery recycling
  • Clean Hydrogen

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