Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

Financial Services

We are leveraging team expertise from working with major financial institutions on highly implementable Risk, ESG and Market Strategy analytics solutions and insights for risk mitigation.

What are the challenges?

The Financial sector is in constant search for early signals converging from multiple sectors toward trends for the portfolio. It is particularly complex in highly uncertain and volatile environments. A number of challenges including these below can be anticipated:

Liquidity crunch: Post-pandemic impact of inflation, interest rates creating havoc on portfolio debt, interest expense and cashflows.

Information overload: Difficulties to extract leading risk indicators and action plans from a continuous flow of various financial risks, ESG related compliance, natural disasters, or diverse failures.

Geopolitical: Navigating through the new trade alliances, sanctions and watchlists, evolution of ‘friend-shoring’.

Technological: SaaS tools and open AI are offering new avenues for this sector to anticipate risks and opportunities efficiently and timely.

How Can Vertaeon Solution Address These Challenges?

It is not an easy task especially for regional financial institutions and PE (Private Equity) firms to sustain their own liquidity when a crisis of confidence is brewing amongst its depositors or investors. It is even more difficult to assess the financial risk exposure of portfolio companies these financial institutions are invested in.

We see two areas to address:

(1) A cohesive look at multiple risks and trends to make decisions

(2) An advanced technology solution that is an enabler in translating key insights into action

Our solution is not just about workflows, but an extensive external risk and market content that can be combined with internal data for each company. The need being met goes beyond daily alerts or running only a credit check for a vendor or customer.

With Vertaeon’s intuitive enterprise and supply chain risk analytics, we can identify, assess, prioritize and monitor on-going risks relevant to supply, sales, markets or location. We take a comprehensive approach by combining internal risks with macro external risks such as geopolitical or natural disaster risks. This holistic assessment is deployed via a user-friendly cloud platform which not only eliminates IT installation but promotes collaboration among global teams.

Another key aspect we delve into is responsible sourcing or sustainable procurement in order to match company goals on environmental, social and governance (ESG).  We track a multitude of variables including governance variables such as bribery and corruption, environmental variables such as energy and water consumption, emissions, waste reduction, and social variables such as labor or employee safety.  

Identify, assess and minimize risks, grow/maintain market share and achieve sustainable growth with Vertaeon risk solutions!

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