Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence


Welcome to Vertaeon!  While our analytics tools are sector-agnostic, we leverage team expertise in manufacturing sector to deliver customize solutions and highly implementable solutions.  See our sub-sector focus within manufacturing below.


What are the challenges?

In a competitive and ever changing environment, staying ahead of your competition with new product innovation and operation excellence may help you gain market shares and optimize your margins.  But, this will not be sufficient to guaranty reliability or sustainability. The difficulty you might be facing to prevent operational disruption and guarantee customer delivery goes beyond the financial stability of your suppliers.

Are your supply chain partners located in a higher-risk region? Has the sector performance been poor? Have they been acquired recently? Where do we position in their portfolio when a crisis strikes?

How can Vertaeon solution address them?

With Vertaeon’s intuitive supply chain risk analytics, we can identify, prioritize and monitor on-going risks relevant to your supply/sales, markets or company.  We can combine this with spend analysis insights.  Another key aspect we delve into is responsible sourcing or sustainable procurement in order to match company goals on energy or water consumption, waste reduction or employee safety.  Go beyond audits and supplier surveys to achieve efficient and sustainable growth in global manufacturing sector!


Our focus includes but not limited to Chemical and Materials, HVAC, Paper/Tissue/Packaging, and Metal Transformation

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