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Vertaeon addresses high level of complexity and potential threats to sustainable growth via our Risk and Market Analytics solutions.
Our solutions cover uncertainty assessment, corporate responsibility, due diligence and growth opportunity identification.



Today’s supply chains are riddled with lack of visibility and increasing volatility – global suppliers of varying size and structure, risk events that are not clearly reported, ever-changing political enviornment and consumer preferences,.. to name a few.


Enterprise Risk analytics

Enterprise Risk Analytics Text on Solutions Landing Page: Whether you are a Fortune 500 public company or medium size private company, timely risk identification is a key part of your survival. Cyber threats, data analytics evolution, regulatory changes, geopolitical volatility, disruptive innovation – are a few among the various risks that can take your company by surprise. 


Responsible Sourcing Analytics

Increasing consumer and investor focus has brought responsible sourcing or sustainable procurement to the forefront of global manufacturing and retailer supply chain initatives.


Market Strategy Analytics

Poor and incomplete information in a highly volatile market landscape, multiple data sources/formats/owners and rapidly increasing data volumes have made market and company assessments complex, static and most-frequently out-of-date when it is time make decisions.

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Corporate Development Analytics

Where the traditional market analytics and due diligences are often falling short are out-of-date information and incomplete visibility on company risks.


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