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Address complex potential threats to sustainable growth via our Risk and Market Analytics solutions. Our SaaS platform provides tools and insights for risk and compliance, ESG, company due diligence, and growth opportunities.

We offer SaaS platforms that can be efficiently customized to your needs, as well as bespoke solutions for the EV (Electric Vehicle) and Semiconductor value chains.

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Risk and Market Analytics

Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Analytics

Global supply chains’ high volatility makes it challenging to navigate strategic growth amid shifting geopolitical environments and consumer preferences. Our SaaS risk platform can help you identify all aspects of risks including financial, operational, geopolitical, natural disaster, and ESG. Most other supply chain risk platforms only provide alerts about risk events. We elevate your analytics for risk mitigation. With Vertaeon, you can go beyond operational or tactical risks to make strategic decisions.

Enterprise Risk Analytics

To ensure your enterprise’s continued viability, you must identify and address risks as soon as they arise. Corporations often lean heavily on subjective assessments and internal interviews. Our SaaS solution and insights elevate this to a highly dynamic, quantitative level while including interview content from company leaders. You’ll have the most updated content at your fingertips, from high-level overviews for C-suite executives and the board to granular analytics for each business unit.

ESG Risk & Compliance Analytics

Consumers’ and investors’ increasing focus on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) has brought sustainable procurement and operations to the forefront of global supply chain initiatives. Vertaeon addresses this in three major ways:

ESG Performance And Risks Analytics

ESG News And Events Analytics

Compliance Requirements Assessment & Support

Competitive Edge

Incomplete information in a highly volatile landscape, with multiple sources and a rapidly increasing volume of data, has complicated market and company assessments. Traditional market analytics and due diligence often fall short due to out-of-date information and incomplete visibility into company risks.

Our SaaS solution extracts, aggregates, and analyzes all aspects of the customer and competitive landscape. This goes beyond company-to-sector analytics. Our solution enables a fast assessment cycle for strategy projects, reducing time from months to weeks or days. The solution also enables a granular level of company due diligence, including initial target evaluations for M&A or JV considerations.