Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

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Where the traditional market analytics and due diligences are often falling short are out-of-date information and incomplete visibility on company risks.  This can be true for assimilation of rapidly changing market trends, potential environmental and social risks, supply chain risks and external factors. The reason is usually the lack of time allocated for the audit and both too little (e.g. market landscape) or too much information (e.g. data deluge on news) availability depending on the metric. This can have a direct impact in the target company’s future valuation and integration success. 

Corporate Development 

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The global data extraction, transformation and analytics capabilities from Vertaeon, which are being used to identify and monitor external and internal risks to your organization, can also be used to guide corporations in their strategic development. Indeed, whether you are contemplating a company acquisition, a strategic merger or an expansion in a new country, chances are that you will need to perform an in-depth due diligence. Vertaeon platform covers multiple facets of due diligence that is used ultimately to determine the company’s real value with 100+ risk indicators:

  • Financial health and viability – ratios, leverage, growth,..
  • Non-compliance – Bribery & Antitrust,..
  • ESG (environmental, social & governance) risks
  • Legal risks
  • Country risks
  • Etc.

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This is where having the support from Vertaeon Risk Analytics can make a huge difference in the visibility and depth of information needed to make the right decision. Vertaeon’s patent pending platform can automatically gather large amounts of data and analyze indicators from multiple sources on multiple risk factors, not only for the target company itself but also for the tier 2 partners it is doing business with or its customers. 

In other words, using Vertaeon’s platform will most likely uncover information that may easily be missed by the traditional due diligence process. During an evaluation process that can sometimes take months, you can always be sure of having most updated analytics and insights for decision making and valuations.  Whether this additional information is critical or not, that is for you to determine …but one thing is sure, without it you will never know!

Leveraging insights for

  • M&A target evaluation

  • JV (Joint Venture) partner evaluation

  • Market segment assessment

  • Competitor analytics

  • Modeling & forecasting

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