Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

Market Strategy Analytics

Poor and incomplete information in a highly volatile market landscape, multiple data sources/formats/owners and rapidly increasing data volumes have made market and company assessments complex, static and most-frequently out-of-date when it is time make decisions.


Visibility into

Market Strategy

Vertaeon’s solution applies advanced-level analytics to aggregate, transform and analyze various large scale and disparate market data via a proprietary web-based platform. We integrate a deep understanding of customers, markets and competitors to provide actionable insights that align with your growth, M&A or JV strategies and marketing ROI. The solution addresses:

  • Customer & Sales Analytics
  • Supplier Spend Analytics
  • Competitor & Market Landscape Analytics
  • Segmentation Analytics

We can help you with

We partner with leading data providers and combine it with our own extensive research for each of the above areas. Our solution offers: Proprietary technology platform offering latest business intelligence module, flexible and seamlessly integrated with external & internal data trend analysis, pattern recognition, interactive visualizations, and predictive models delivering insights for market opportunity assessments, threat analysis and product development

Leading to insights for

    • Customer/Supplier/Competitor Analytics
      Identifying growth strategy options at existing and new customers; assessing potential targets for acquisitions or joint ventures; assessing cost reduction opportunities in supply chain

    • Segmentation Analytics
      Demographics of potential customers, preferences for marketing, and channel decisions

    • Business case development
      Decisions towards expansions, inorganic growth (M&A or JV) and new market entry


We collaborate closely with 


Market and Sales Leaders


Business Units Heads


Corporate Development




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