Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

Responsible Sourcing Analytics

Increasing consumer and investor focus has brought responsible sourcing or sustainable procurement to the forefront of global manufacturing and retailer supply chain initiatives.

For Vertaeon, Responsible Sourcing goes hand-in-hand with our supply chain risk analytics solution. We not only identify poor performance and impact, but also opportunity areas to collaborate further within your value chain eco system.


Visibility into

Responsible Sourcing

Vertaeon’s solution applies machine learning to aggregate, transform and analyze various large scale and disparate supplier data via a proprietary web-based platform. We have the capability to identify relevant information for various segments of a complex supply chain, to launch adaptive surveys for various regions and to develop actionable insights. The solution provides an ongoing assessment of:

  • Environmental footprint – Emissions, Resource Consumption
  • Social Practices – Safety, Labor..
  • Governance Practices – Corruption, Business Ethics,..
  • ESG-related Risks
  • Country and Sector Benchmarking

We can help you with

We partner with leading data providers and combine it with our own extensive research for each of the above areas and have the capability to analyze multitude of indicators. Leverage our capabililties in sustainability and analytics to track, prioritize and execute your responsible sourcing efforts – whether it is for translating your company code to supply chain or meeting consumer expectations.

Leading to insights for

    • Supplier impact per purchase sector, and region
      Understand Energy, Emissions including Scope 1/2/3, Water and Waste footprint performance

    • Supplier ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risks
      Identify, assess and plan mitigation for child labor, forced labor, safety, business ethics, data privacy 

    • Supplier engagement
      Leverage findings to further enable dialogue, plan training and adherence to code of conduct and enhance progress


What can target audience realize from Vertaeon solution?


Sustainability & Environmental Teams

Tracking progress of supplier initiatives, ensuring reach within supply chain, ability to see a cohesive view of suppliers’ practices and programs to refine KPIs further


Supply Chain and Procurement Teams

Clear snapshot of high supplier risk areas to avoid production disruption,  to improve sourcing practices and to plan follow-up actions


Business and Functional Units

Gain a full view into multiple category, region and business unit supply chains globally


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