Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

Supply Chain Risk Analytics

Today’s supply chains are riddled with lack of visibility and increasing volatility – global suppliers of varying size and structure, risk events that are not clearly reported, ever-changing political environment and consumer preferences,.. to name a few.

Visibility into

Supply Chain

Vertaeon’s risk analytics solution incorporates our expertise in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Data Analytics to address threats and opportunities in the value chain. We are a unique solution provider in this space with data and domain expertise to address a full spectrum of risks for the automotive, device and industrial sectors.

Expanding Information Base:
Benefit from extensive data collected, our growing list of data sources, and also combine with your data where applicable

Implementing Advanced Analytics: Leverage our capabilities in cluster analysis, forecasting, visualization, network mapping, multivariate statistics and predictive analytics

Vertaeon has launched a sub-tier mapping tool to go beyond operational parameters (inventory planning, route optimization..) and to effectively address strategic needs. This will also include upcoming compliance requirements such supply chain due diligence directives.

We can help you with

We partner with leading data providers and combine it with our own extensive research for each of the above areas. The risk intelligence is applied to 1000s of locations for the entity and location level risks, enabling a holistics view for your organization. 

We consider each of the major risk areas – Financial, Operational & Compliance, ESG and Geopolitical – as part of our total solution, unlike other market players with one-off solutions. Alerts via media and web monitoring is  just one part and not our entire product!

Leading to insights for

    • Supplier risks per sector and region
      Delve deeper into company-specific and location-related risks for supplier sectors

    • Overall business impact
      Assess and prepare for potential operational or business disruptions and strategic continuity plans

    • Supplier engagement
      Utilize conclusions for enhancing decisions and relationship management


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Identification and continuous monitoring of


Financial Risks

Comprehensive risk analytics via company financial statements, entity survey results and derived stress scores to enhance your understanding of vulnerabilities


Operational & Compliance

Holistic assessment of myriad of risks including failures, delays, legal events, upcoming compliance directives, to arm you with insights of choke points



Multitude of indicators are assessed not only to understand performance, but also to identify risks and innovation in social, governance or environmental areas; fortified by events tracking


Location Risks – Country & Disasters

Historic and dynamic assessment of data extracted from 100s of sources to prepare you for business continuity in times of unprecedented natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts


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