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Vertaeon’s Managing Partner, Rekha Menon-Varma, spoke at a panel discussion at SPLC 2023 Summit on “Emerging facets of Risk & Compliance in supply chain assessments and sustainability” on August 15th

The conference organized by Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) took place at The Loews Hotel in Atlanta, GA during August 14th to 16th. Rekha organized the panel to address the important and emerging topic of compliance in supply chain sustainability assessments. Fellow panelists included Christopher Davidson, VP of Sustainability at WestRock Corporation and Julie Volny, Program Analyst at the US General Services Administration (GSA). The session was well attended and followed by an engaging Q&A. 

Session Abstract: External factors such as Pandemic and geopolitical conflicts have led organizations to evaluate supplier risks and engagements in a new light. Starting in 2022, several new compliance rules are also launched in the sustainability space from the US and EU. The panel proposes to discuss the integration of ESG to risk and compliance and provide approaches to meet the requirements for supply chain sustainability.