Vertaeon launches guidance and analytics for ESG Compliance and enhanced due diligence

You’re invited to Penn Alumni Water Forum’s Speaker Spotlight on March 18th at noon, where Vertaeon LLC Managing Partner, Rekha Menon-Varma, will be discussing “Water Risks from a global manufacturing perspective”

Water risk has become a strategic business risk and a key part of the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and climate change agenda of companies. This goes beyond the realm of sustainability departments and to the core of investor and community interests. Manufacturing companies and their supply chains with assets in water-stressed areas face reputational, financial, and operational risks. During this talk, Rekha will review recent trends and progress or lack thereof, from corporate, industry and country perspectives. Another related and important topic that will be discussed is the impact of increasing and more severe natural disaster events.  It is imperative to track and analyze these risks in the entire ecosystem which can lead to effective risk mitigation or business continuity planning. Rekha will briefly discuss how Vertaeon is utilizing their SaaS risk platforms to do this to support manufacturing clients.

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